How do I start working at SMM?


A career in SMM requires certain knowledge and skills. But a recurring question is how does SMM begin its journey?
If you are interested in social media and want to develop your career in the field, welcome to Social Media Marketing (SMM). This sounds a bit like regular networking, so the question becomes, "Where do I start learning SMM?"
Like any career, social media marketing requires certain seemingly simple knowledge and skills. But this impression is deceptive, because the easiest and quickest way is to study the specialization in relevant courses, which are not rich.
What you spend on training will make up for it in the time saved, and there will be no subsequent mistakes that will not only make your life difficult, but also cost you your reputation as a good expert.

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    Where do social media marketers start?

    In addition to training, inexperienced SMM experts need practice, as many social media promotion tools require a dynamic feel to learn how to use them. It is best to work with a mentor. However, having a mentor to discuss issues that arise may not be enough.
    So how can you effectively improve your practical skills? The best way to start your career is under the guidance of an experienced social media marketing expert, as their assistant, or in the same capacity but with a professional agency.
    This option has many advantages. First, you will be involved in the actual project and all phases. Second, you can always get advice and support from higher-level colleagues. Third, gain experience in multiple fields at the same time, as social media marketers often work on multiple projects in different fields at the same time.
    The only downside is the lack of self-employment and the associated lower income. However, if you look at it as a continuation of learning, a diligent beginner can quickly become a productive professional ready to work full-time: discussing not only the company's tactical actions, but also the company's strategic issues . Manage SMM and set up its branding.

    Know the tools you need for the job

    It may not make sense to talk about obvious tools like creating, designing accounts and posting on different social networks. Without these, it would be impossible to work in the field of social media marketing. In this case, we only list additional and auxiliary tools.
    These are the tools beginners need to learn in order to take their work to a professional level. They are all in the category of online applications and services, like social networks themselves.

    event planner

    They help you schedule posts for various social networks and support automatic posting. These services are especially useful when multiple accounts are processed at the same time and contribution intensity is high.

    Content preparation


    In any social network, the visual part of a post plays an important role as users react to photos or videos first. SMM doesn't always have designers or video editors to help. There are a variety of online applications and services that can help with editing illustrations and editing videos.
    These make it possible to achieve decent results with relatively little effort. A similar situation is with text. To help SMM experts, there are many services that can analyze not only spelling, but also the style of text and suggest corrections.


    Social networks have built-in account activity statistics services, but they may not be powerful enough to make good decisions.
    For these tasks, there are applications that analyze audience engagement, community dynamics, new followers and unsubscribes, reactions to content, and more. On the other hand, there are services that help create reports based on the structure established by SMM.

    Track mentions

    There are also dedicated services that help find out what users are writing about companies in their newsfeeds. The larger a brand’s audience, the more likely posts mentioning it will appear on social media.
    Manual searches are labor-intensive and inefficient. However, the speed of response to negative posts is important to maintain consumer reputation and loyalty.

    match automation


    Audience-specific promotions on social media are useful for accounts to maintain user interest and activity. Automated services that randomly select winners make sense for contests and sweepstakes. This is primarily to avoid allegations of bias by SMM in selecting lucky winners.

    shorten link

    For the aesthetics of the post, to remove long links from the text, a similar service is required. The mission itself isn't difficult, but you can't handle it alone.


    Such tools can refer to the personal style of a strategic meeting management specialist. There are many bots in Telegram that can perform various functions that are useful for the task of this job.
    For example, they publish text variations based on given keys, help format posts for specific social networks, summarize contests based on participant comments, etc.


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