Learn how to use GOOGLE Ads to create an ad campaign for your doctor's practice


If you need to advertise your practice, Google Ads is the right platform for you. It is easy to use and offers you many benefits that will surely catch your attention. That is why I invite you to register and learn to advertise, so that your office is recognized.

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    Google Ads is an advertising platform that belongs to Google. If you want to create an account in Google Ads, what you have to do is go to the platform and register. Once registered, you can start designing advertisements for your practice, which will appear on the pages of your choice.

    For these ads to appear, you must choose certain keywords, which will be the ones that will activate the ads and after having the ads ready, what you have to do is set the budget. In this case, you have to know that you must pay for each click that a patient gives to the ad with the link that takes him to your website.


    Creating a good advertisement on this platform is not complex at all, however, you must take into account certain aspects so that the success of your advertising is certain. These aspects are the following:



    Making use of extensions is a very good option offered by Google Ads, which is free. Here you can include your phone number, office address, etc. In this way, patients will not need to click on the ad to access this information. Also, you are offered the possibility of linking your address with Google My Business, which expands the alternatives of offering more detailed information to your patients.

    On the other hand, it should be noted that to add extensions to your ads, what you have to do is go to the campaign sheet, and click on the tab that says "Ad extensions" or in English "Ad in English". press the more extensions button and then add the information you want your patients to see.


    Taking into account that the mobile phone is currently one of the most used devices to browse the internet, it is necessary to create ads in Google Ads that offer the possibility of viewing from the mobile phone. In this sense, to make the users who make use of the mobile device have access to the advertisements, it is necessary to establish the advertisement in an adequate format.

    Please leave your phone number:


    Of course, most users will look for an office phone number to set up a direct conversation for more detailed information. Therefore, it is important to include the office phone number in the ad. To do this, you must set up your ad to display this information.

    Create a text ad

    Since Google Ads is highly competitive, ads posted on the platform must be worded in great detail to accurately convey what the bureau has to offer. Also, it is important to emphasize that keywords can be used to help patients with their searches. It should be noted that ads should be automatically included in this search using the keyword insertion tool.

    You should know that this tool allows you to customize your ad text. These changes to Mobile English are based on terms that were previously commonly used in searches. By using this tool, you can make your ad stand out to your patients and get more clicks.


    The benefits that Google Ads offers you are really multiple, one of them is that:

    • Patients can search for you and find you easily: You should consider that Google is one of the great search engines that exists on the internet, as it helps people to get what they are looking for.

    In this order of ideas, that is why keywords that make the search process successful are useful. An example of how Google works is that the user places the word "pediatric center" this is a keyword, so when you place it in the search engine, Google will offer you thousands of results, each one positioned according to the SEO of each website.

    • It offers you the possibility of segmenting: It should be noted that this segmentation is given at the time of searching. In this way, the patient will reach your ad because they are certainly looking for something that your company offers them.
    • It's instant: Google Ads, unlike other platforms, offers you results instantly, that is, you get results from the moment you publish your ad. This will remain available for those people who are looking for what you are offering.

    The success you can have on this platform can be such that, in a matter of seconds, millions of people are clicking on your ad. This of course, makes you increase your profits in your office.

    • The payment must be carried out for each click of a patient: This form of payment is very profitable, since it is fair that you only pay when you are obtaining benefits with the platform.
    • You can modify your ad in real time: Compared to other platforms, Google Ads offers you the benefit of modifying your ads in real time, that is, if you launched your ad, but then you realize that you made a copywriting error, you can easily modify it.

    You are the one who decides the amount of money you want to invest in the campaign: This is very beneficial for many people, since it should be noted that to establish your budget well, what you have to do is determine your keywords and examine the costs.

    We hope you liked the information and if so, share it with others. Without further ado, we say goodbye.


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