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In today's world, where an organization's primary advertising resources are directed to the Internet, web analytics has become the most important method for marketers to manage their advertising campaigns.
Analysis of statistics on traffic and page views provides a wealth of information for improving online business resources, studying user behavior, and evaluating the effectiveness of each channel in attracting customers.
In general, the following metrics are considered separately when conducting web analysis of a website:

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    time spent on the website

    It shows if there is interesting information on the company website.

    depth of gaze

    That is, the number of pages a user opens in a single visit. The higher the number of clicks, the more likely someone will find the resource necessary and useful.

    User paths or transitions between website pages

    In this case, a lot depends on how the site is implemented, whether the content package the company plans for its visitors brings them closer to a purchase. Conversion statistics can indicate mistakes that alienate users and distract them from the actions needed to sell.

    User behavior characteristics


    If you need to try to find the best solution, web analytics can reveal what works best for your target audience and what doesn't. For example, the design of the colors, the size of the buttons, the proportions of other elements, the description, etc.

    Conversion source

    That is, what resource the user came from, what type of content or advertisement, search query, etc. It shows which websites and content attract the audience the most.

    Targeted Actions and the Quality of Traffic Attracted

    When running an ad campaign, you can control the effectiveness of each channel, which ad settings lead to higher response rates, and what percentage of user conversions come from different sources and ads.

    Tourist Geography


    Web analytics can allow you to understand which regions and countries your visitors come from, and for what purpose or interest.

    Demographic and social characteristics of tourists and their areas of interest

    If a company hasn't researched its target audience well, web analytics will allow you to better understand their characteristics or compare their advertising preferences to the targeted traffic they actually receive.
    Web analytics is a day-to-day role for marketers, even if the job description doesn't state it. Online advertising experts take full responsibility for this and are a very useful source of information on the quality of a company's website and the performance of the advertising tools used.
    Another area of ​​analysis that is very important for retailers is the characteristics of the target group and their behavior. However, in their pure form, website visit statistics have their limitations, although they are a good source of information to improve marketing effectiveness.
    The abundance of information and competing offers on the Internet strongly influence user behavior. The most typical scenario is multiple exposure to a brand before a consumer decides to make a purchase.
    Using this algorithm for visitor behavior, using only web analytics statistics starts to fail and lead to incomplete conclusions. The fact is that the consumer can visit the site and research information about the product he is interested in without placing an order or buying it.
    In this case, a web analyst can logically assume that something isn't being implemented on the website, or that the channel that the user is going through isn't working effectively.
    However, after a while, the visitor himself may have received additional information on other sites, returned to the company site and decided to make a purchase. Seeing the complex paths a person follows to make choices requires another level of data logging and analysis. An end-to-end analysis system provides this approach.

    It features a personal identification number that is assigned upon first contact with a user in the company's CRM system. All subsequent interactions with brands are accounted for and recorded in each consumer's personal history.
    This broadens the statistical picture, not only because of its size, but also because of the way the data is presented. It not only reflects current performance: click-navigation-to-site-target action; it also relates to information about previous visits, click sources, page views, and visit results.
    A web analyst must be able to work with each of them, even if he prefers one or the other. The most popular services that offer this are Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrika, OpenStats, Adobe Analytics, etc.
    However, you should not rely solely on reports on website user traffic. Combining web statistics with other available data allows for deeper analysis, leading to interesting and promising solutions to improve the effectiveness of online advertising.
    Here are some tasks you can perform with advanced web analytics:

    Find more accurate consumer segmentation

    For example, cohort analysis based on average receipt parameters can help identify the most effective advertising messages, thus using this data to generate more accurate and personalized offers for each customer segment.

    Optimize advertising budget


    Monitoring and analyzing consumer interactions with your target audience can identify ineffective connections that represent expense but have no impact on moving users down the sales funnel.

    Content optimization

    Web analytics helps identify the most relevant content, product launch and delivery channels to deliver the best results for customer acquisition and retention.

    Find the best promotional strategy

    Web analytics facilitates qualitative research and reliable test results to better engage with consumers.
    In short, marketing analytics and web analytics in particular encourage companies to transform and apply a data-driven decision-making environment to their practices. Goal setting in digital form becomes a natural phenomenon, with execution and control tied to metrics.


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