We can find countless benefits when we decide to use the campaigns offered by Google Ads. However, not everyone is lucky enough to find success using these tools. Some Google Ads users find errors and decide to make them known to other users or report them in order to hope for an improvement in the service.

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    On several occasions, you may have made contact with a manager who claims to be an 'expert', who will recommend you to make changes and measures that will only increase the advertiser's spending. They completely omit the variables that may arise regarding the conversion.

    Often, we can see comments from people where complaints are reflected such as 'I have spent a lot of money to get them interested in my ads and get sales, but I did not have results, I made this expense to change things that an expert manager recommended to me'.

    Bad managers who claim to be experts usually recommend the advertiser to take measures that do not benefit them. Usually, we know of advertisers who have received recommendations that do not take into account the characteristics of the sector and the public, nor do they take into account the goal and competition. The 'expert' manager does not even consider the investment made and the budget limits for the ad.


    Regarding clicks, you will see that this whole issue of bad managers is focused on improving one ad only. You should know that the interest of Google Ads is to create the best ad, your interest in using the tool is to generate income, these interests are not common. The exception between this difference in interests is that your goal is to have the best ad, even if you do not earn money from it.

    Since your goal is to earn more than you spend, you should know that the higher the number of clicks, the higher your spending. Actual Cost Per Click (Actual CPC) is the price charged to the advertiser for each click. Get the best income with the fewest clicks.

    Before looking for a Google Ads manager, make sure that it is an expert. A Google Ads expert will be able to give you the best recommendations for your ad and your income.



    If you decide to use the Google Ads tools, but you are a novice and you follow the steps and options that it offers you by default, it will mean failure. The Google Ads system will charge you non-stop until it shows you the notice that your campaign is 'limited by budget'.

    Many people who decide to use the Google Ads tools by following the instructions provided and choosing campaigns, end up not achieving their goals after large investments, so they choose to give up using these services.

    The higher the number of clicks, the higher the advertiser spends. You must achieve your goal with as few clicks as possible. We recommend that you do a lot of research about the campaigns offered by Google Ads and which one best suits the goals you have in mind, your budget, the environment and the audience your ad is aimed at.

    Never trust the advice and instructions that Google Ads offers by default, you can turn to other advertisers or experts who can give you the best recommendation in a personalized way so that you do not lose your money without seeing results.


    If you are looking for help with a manager, you should know that if he tells you about conversions (purchase, subscription = income) he can take you on the right track. Avoid that your manager only talks about clicks.


    Among the most glaring mistakes Google Ads managers make, you can always find mistakes that lead directly to ads. This means that managers are only interested in improving or changing your ad (all of these changes come at a cost).

    These scams are made by Google Ads managers and are often reported by new Google Ads users, even those who rely solely on their opinions and the tool itself. These types of errors are reflected in user complaints, who report that their investments exceed their income, and in good cases they manage to make some.

    Common mistakes Google Ads managers make can affect you when it comes to understanding your investments and income. Some of these errors can be:

    Keyword Duplication: Keyword competition can start when you use the same keywords in multiple ad groups. Google Ads needs to choose which of your ads to show when triggering searches on your keywords. In this case, you will have to pay more per click because you will have to increase your bid for that keyword.

    Confusing goal: Wanting to be famous is not the same as finding a product or service to buy. To do this, you need to choose the right campaign based on your goals. Each campaign contains different characteristics that fit your goals.

    Disagreeing with the public's movement: This may be obvious, but it must be said that it is important to have your movement and the public. First, you need to make sure that the language and placement of your ad is consistent with that of the public.

    Run campaigns that aren't interested in stats: Stats serve as a guide to help you understand which keywords, ads, public, hours, locations, and other data can perform more effectively. If you want to start a campaign, you must first create a conversion tag and insert it into the network.

    Don't tell Google how it found your ad: you need to tell Google what types of searches might lead to your ad. To do this, you need to organize keyword matches.


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