What tools are used in digital marketing?


Let’s take a look at the top digital marketing tools that help digital marketers reach their target audience.
Digital marketers must ensure that a company's marketing messages appear on multiple channels simultaneously, while analyzing their effectiveness. Digital marketing tools help these experts not miss a thing.
In turn, they act as a catalyst for a company's digital marketing efforts, making communication more accurate and speeding up specialist responses to campaigns.
In companies of all sizes, digital marketing actively dominates the promotion of services and products. This is mainly due to its technological foundation that enables it to interact effectively with its target audience and guide each user's journey through the sales funnel.

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    Essential Tools for Digital Marketing

    Essential tools are the tools that help digital sellers reach their target audience, engage with them, change their interest in buying, and keep them buying again.

    Organic Traffic (SEO)

    β€’ Google Keyword Planner: Allows you to view the average monthly search volume for your keywords and the average organic ranking of your company's website, as well as filter keywords by geographic location.
    β€’ Google Trends: A tool that scans the web for the most searched content in real time.
    β€’ SpyWords and SEMrush – Both tools allow you to see your competitors' keyword rankings, their value, and the landing pages they lead to.
    β€’ Keywordtool.io: Helps collect a long list of keys for each term to use on Google as well as YouTube, App Stores, Bing, Amazon, and Ebay.
    β€’ Advanced Web Tracking (AWR): Allows you to regularly review your website's ranking and monitor the competitive landscape.
    β€’ Buzzsumo: Detect which sites are linking to competitors' and analyze top link lists. You can also research the pages of your own website that are most cited on social media, as well as the accounts of the authors of those posts.
    β€’ Screaming Frog: Scan your website for broken links, nonexistent pages, and broken redirects.

    Paid Search and Retargeting

    β€’ Google AdWords and Yandex.Direct: Both are keyword planning and paid promotion tools for the respective search engine.
    β€’ BidCops: Review of keywords used in Google AdWords paid advertising. It allows you to find keywords that are inefficiently spending your budget and optimize your phrases to maximize traffic and conversions.
    β€’ ReTargeter: A tool for creating and managing customer return scenarios on company websites through



    β€’ Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrika: Analytics tools for analyzing traffic and user behavior on your website.
    β€’ Adobe Analytics: This tool allows you to deeply analyze the statistics of website visits and user actions.
    β€’ Kissmetrics: Allows you to track conversions by segment, generate reports on individual registered users, and offer easy retargeting options through ads.
    β€’ Social media account analytics: Each has its own analytics tool that provides insights into reach, clickability and audience profiles.

    Social Media Marketing (SMM)

    β€’ Facebook: It has the ability to schedule posts on the social network itself and on Instagram.
    β€’ Buzzsumo: Lets you see how the topic of a scheduled post is performing on social networks and allows you to monitor the performance of your post.
    β€’ BrandMentions or YouScan: Two similar tools for tracking brand mentions on social media. They demonstrate the user's influence, strength and enthusiasm for the brand, as well as sentiment (positive or negative).
    β€’ Nanigans and Sociate: Both platforms allow you to advertise on multiple social networks simultaneously and generate reports to analyze activity.

    PR and Influencer Marketing Tools

    β€’ Onalytica: Helps create influencer marketing programs and automate and simplify your marketing efforts.
    β€’ Brand24: Quickly find and analyze online discussions about brands, products and competitors. It also provides access to social network mentions, blogs, news, videos, podcasts, forums, reviews, and more.
    β€’ Mention Me and Admitad: Software-based customer retention and referral marketing platform.
    β€’ GetBlogger: Helps connect bloggers with subscribers within the brand's target audience.

    Content management


    β€’ Smartling: All-in-one solution for translating and localizing website content for other countries.
    β€’ Episerver: Provides information about the attractiveness of content to users and makes recommendations to improve conversion rates.

    Marketing Automation Tools

    β€’ GetResponse and Expertsender: Designed to automate customer interactions via email. You can configure automatic responses, perform advanced analytics, A/B testing, and more.
    β€’ MailChimp and Unisender: Two platforms for creating and sending emails.
    β€’ DataBowl: Generate, launch and automate B2C marketing campaigns from idea to completion.
    β€’ Segmetify – a conversion optimization tool that helps increase the percentage of targeted actions.

    User Experience Analysis Tool

    β€’ Google PageSpeed ​​​​​​​​​​​​​A simple tool to check the loading speed of web pages with suggestions to improve performance.
    β€’ Maxymiser: Supports multi-dimensional testing of websites and mobile applications.
    β€’ UserZoom: Test the site through the eyes of users. It records on-screen movements and sounds to get a complete picture of the user's experience with the interface.
    β€’ Optimization: Allows you to test ideas and choose the best solution based on data.

    customer relationship management tools

    β€’ Adobe Target: One of the most famous AI-based personalization engines.
    β€’ AdRoll: is a comprehensive customer relationship management platform. It helps identify target groups across devices, browsers, apps, and social media and guide them to shop with personalized ads.
    β€’ AmoCRM: customer management system and customer contacts.


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