Why should companies use video marketing?


Video marketing appeals to businesses for the same reasons that TV advertising does. Another problem is that few companies have access to video due to the high cost of producing and placing it. Digital and online technologies have reduced wine production and distribution costs by orders of magnitude.
Furthermore, it is the most descriptive and visible way for companies to present their products to consumers. Wisdom goes to Confucius: "Tell me and I'll forget, show me and I'll remember." This best describes the power of video to influence customer opinions.
It can be assumed that everyone has encountered the instruction manual that comes with the product. Even the simplest products are always described with a certain length of text.

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    Video is easier to digest than text

    Although all manufacturers try to explain the available functions in detail, illustrations cannot be omitted for better understanding. Ultimately, though, consumers may be skeptical about understanding the message.
    Another problem is when manufacturers make instructional videos in addition to textual instructions. It shows everything clearly and takes less time than perusing the manual. This example shows how video marketing can communicate better and more effectively.
    Content often plays an important role in branding these days. Video content also offers a plethora of genres. It includes styles for proposal submissions, reviews, guidelines, explanations, practical advice, interviews, testimonials, and corporate videos.
    All of this shows that video marketing has great potential to increase the impact of marketing on consumers. Need more arguments?

    advantages and disadvantages

    We'll put the cons last, but for now let's focus on the pros of video marketing. There are a few of them:
    Many people prefer video formats
    Most people would prefer a video if they had the opportunity to read the text or watch the video. There is a greater demand for video content than other formats due to its ease of perception.


    Video content now integrates seamlessly across all major platforms and plays equally well on any device. Video playback is independent of client device browser type, layout, operating system, and screen size. All of this means there are no barriers to reaching as many people as possible.

    emotional stimulation


    Images presented through video have greater emotional appeal and are easier to remember. With these measurements, the readings can be greatly affected.

    Video boosts organic traffic and conversions

    It's not just that the video content piques the curiosity of users. For brands that prioritize emotional connection with consumers, the use of video helps convert visitors into buyers.

    Video Marketing Enhanced Content

    Video ads can go viral, increasing consumer reach and emotional engagement.

    Disadvantages of Video Marketing


    As you might expect, everything in this world has its flaws, so nothing is made of virtue. Every advantage has a disadvantage. The main disadvantages of video marketing are as follows:

    need professionals

    Creating high-quality video content is sensitive to certain skills for professionals, as it requires an understanding of the basics of storyboarding, creativity, and creative vision to turn ideas into attractive images in videos.
    It is sometimes difficult to combine all the necessary competencies in one person, so additional specialists or even entire teams may be required, which may cost the budget.

    Production time

    Videos take longer to create than other types of content. It takes time to write the script, choose characters for the video, assemble the set, shoot and edit the video yourself.


    Creating video content requires additional equipment. Of course, in your first video marketing experiment, you can start with improvised media to minimize investment. Later, the desire for better results will lead to substantial spending on the necessary hardware, software applications and specialized contractors.

    It pays to include video marketing in your event


    The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčincorporating video marketing into your company's advertising strategy may seem so tempting that you can't help but start recording videos right away. When you look at what other companies or even competitors are doing, you should generally follow their lead.
    This approach is itself a ticking time bomb because it fails to take into account the interests and needs of the target audience of the corporate brand.
    It's hard to justify investing time and other resources to create impulse video content. Success in this area can only be achieved by considering how a particular approach affects consumer behavior and increases traffic and conversions for advertised products and services.
    Creating relevant and useful video content for viewers, making buying decisions for viewers, creating specific scenarios for brands, defining formats and choosing the right distribution channels requires the skills of a true audiovisual production professional.


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